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He’s at it again

If you know me, you know my ex-husband is an absolute jerk. The things I went through with that man, I’ll never forget. I’ll certainly never forgive him for. The night in the hotel when he didn’t come in until five in the morning stinking of all the places he’d been? Yeah, I’ll remember that one pal.

I guess he thought he could take advantage of me because I had been poor and he was well off, and he thought I owed him something for the gift of all his wealth.

Well, if that’s the case, I earned that money of his, and he better keep it coming. That’s just what he’s decided he doesn’t want to do, of course. That’s what I want to write and complain about. The jerk’s gone and been a jerk again so that he can hassle me.

He’s decided he wants to cut the alimony payments. Or, if he can’t pull that off, he wants to trim them down to almost nothing. I’ll remind you, he makes enough that he doesn’t even notice the money coming out of his account every month, but he wants it back just because. He needs to buy a fifth expensive foreign sports car so some woman will actually look at him.

Mostly, he just wants to be a pain, which he’s achieving admirably. I’ll now have to hire another lawyer to negotiate my alimony again. This is the third time in a couple of years. Perhaps he just wants to get me in a lawyer’s office and get a look at me. I tell you what though, if he wanted that, he could just offer to keep the money coming for the next few years for a visit behind glass once a year to check in on what he’s screwed up and lost.

In other news, I’m glad to hear he’s still miserable and lonely. That’s what I’m hearing from some of our mutual friends. “Oh Teri, he misses you so much.” “Oh Teri, he’s nothing without you.” “All he talks about is you.” “Won’t you give him another chance?”

He’s setting these people up, I know, but it makes me feel good to know he’s that desperate he’d actually come back to me. It seems money can’t buy you everything. It certainly can’t buy him looks or charm, which most women want. Not all of them go in for charity as I do.

So, that’s where my life’s at for the moment. I’m sure I’ll have to negotiate a cut in the alimony again, which is a pain, but I’ll get by. Perhaps it’s worth it just to see him squirm and lower his eyes when I glare at him from across the table.

That’s right, buddy, you screwed up. And it’s just too bad for you. Yeah, worth every penny.