Identity Theft in Texas: Penalties for Anti-Fraud Laws

People don’t think of white collar crimes like identity theft and tax fraud as serious offenses. As pointed out by the website of Ian Inglis Attorney at Law, people are more likely to associate serious crimes with violent and dangerous actions. However, these crimes are also met with harsh punishment and penalties that could cause some permanent impact on an individual’s life. As such, it’s important to remember that getting charged with white collar crimes should not be taken lightly. Identity theft, in particular, can be subject to significant consequences.

Identity theft refers to the crime of acquiring another person’s information and passing it off as one’s own to make illegal transactions for economic gain. In Texas, offenses of this nature is regulated and penalized through a variety of anti-fraud laws delineated in the Texas Penal Code and the Identity Theft Enforcement and Protection Act. These laws cover offenses involving the many different ways that an individual can illegally obtain and use someone else’s personal data. The penalties for identity theft will depend based on the particular details of a given case and the charges that apply for the situation. For example, Texas law indicates that the unauthorized acquisition or transferring of financial information is punishable with up to a year in jail. On top of that, an individual who committed identity theft can also face paying a maximum of $10,000 in fines due to a criminal charge for fraudulent use or possession of another person’s identifying information. All in all, identity theft in Texas could result in having to pay a significant amount in fines, and facing a period of incarceration or probation.

While it might not seem as serious compared to violent crimes, identity theft and other white collar crimes should never be taken lightly. Getting charged with these criminal offenses can result in personal and professional obstacles that may be difficult to overcome. For more information contact a criminal defense lawyer.

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