Important Information about Cerebral Palsy

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC notes that cerebral palsy is the most widespread motor disability among children in America. According to their data, around 1 in every 323 children has been diagnosed with some form of cerebral palsy. These children are known to experience a host of symptoms that significantly affect their movement, coordination, and balance.

Cerebral palsy, also referred to as ‘CP’ for short, is caused by some abnormality in the development of the brain due to damage or trauma. CP is usually acquired by patients early on in life, mostly caused by some incident that prevented oxygen from properly circulating in the brain. There are also cases when cerebral palsy is congenital. These cases refer to patients that have been born with cerebral palsy. In these scenarios, the damage to the brain is often caused by complications in the mother’s pregnancy.

The medical community categorizes cerebral palsy into three different types. These categories are organized based on symptoms manifested by a patient. However, in some patients, CP can manifest itself through a combination of the different types. The first type is called spastic cerebral palsy, which is characterized by increased muscle tone resulting in muscle stiffness. The second type of cerebral palsy is known as dyskinetic or anthethoid. A patient diagnosed with this type of CP experience uncontrollable writhing movements in their upper and lower extremities, as well as the inability to properly control their tongues and faces. The third and last type is called axiatic, and it is known to cause problems with a patient’s ability to maintain their posture and balance.

There are times when brain damage causing cerebral palsy results from physician negligence or medical malpractice. Although such cases are considered pretty rare, it’s still important to note that cerebral palsy can also be caused by accidents that are completely avoidable and preventable.

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